Propane Pricing

Why is the price of propane so different from supplier to supplier?

  • Some suppliers offer new customers a low price to get you to switch to them. Then, as time goes on, the price gradually gets higher, up to the level that their current customers are paying. The difference can be over a dollar a gallon. Always ask if the price you are quoted is an introductory price, and ask what their current 2nd year customers are paying per gallon. You may be very surprised what the difference is.
  • Some companies claim that their propane is better propane than others, and they may claim their fuel will last twice as long. This is completely false. To last twice as long would mean that the propane has twice the BTU content per gallon and this is simply impossible. They do this to justify the higher price that they charge. We sell HD-5 propane from our suppliers. We employ independent trucking companies to deliver our product. We do not add butane or anything else to our propane except for a small amount of methanol that acts as a drier in the propane. All companies do the same thing. Companies that tell you we are adding butane are LYING.
  • Some companies charge one price for their propane and then add a hazardous materials fee, a delivery fee, a level payment plan fee… These are ways to nickel and dime you to a very high price.
  • The big differences between companies are quality of service, consistently competitive pricing, and the biggest one, safety.  We do our best to earn your business in all three categories.

How does Superior Propane price their LP?

  • We offer the same price to all customers within a volume bracket. These brackets are 0-2500 gallons, 2501-10000 gallons and 10001+ gallons. The same propane is used in all our customers’ situations, so why should propane be cheaper for one use over another?
  • We do not charge customers that participate in our level payment plan any extra fees. We simply take the contract price (plus state sales tax) multiplied by the number of gallons we anticipate them to use and divide that by eleven months. We use the 12th month as a month to catch them up if they used more than anticipated. If they overpay, we give them the option to carry over to the next year or to get a refund check.
  • We do add a delivery fee for deliveries under 200 gallons. We do this to keep our cost low for everyone. I compare this to trying to limit our trips to the grocery store to once a week. We do not add a hazardous materials fee or other fees that are simply there to add profit to the company.
  • We do not charge an annual tank rental fee as long as the customer uses at least 800 gallons per year for a 500-gallon tank and 1400 gallons for a 1,000-gallon tank. We do currently add $0.05 per gallon to customers that use our tank. In most cases these tanks cost in excess of $1,000. I feel this is a very reasonable fee. We also maintain the tank for this fee and assume the risk if the tank has a leak. So if a gauge leaks on a tank we own, we pay for the lost propane. Every year we have customers that own their own tanks that have leaks from the valves or gauges and they are responsible for the lost product.
  • We also offer electronic payment or ACH. We can do this for level payment customers or for those customers that want us to automatically pull money from their account to pay for their propane in full. If there is ever a mistake, we will not delay in refunding any money. We offer this for both your convenience and ours. Pay Now