It is possible to add the ability to use propane in your car or truck. With gasoline engines, kits are available that allows you to choose to use gasoline through your existing system or press a button to use propane. If you want, you can even choose automatic mode and the vehicle will start on gasoline and when the engine warms up to approximately 100*F, it will switch over to propane. If you happen to run out of propane, it will automatically switch back to gasoline. Then when you fill up with propane, it knows to use propane again.  We do have customers that are using these kits now in order to save money because propane is less expensive than gasoline, to reduce emissions because propane burns cleaner and to extend the life of the engine. 
With diesel engines, kits are available that inject propane along with the diesel. This allows you to replace some of the diesel that is burned by lower cost propane. In addition to replacing part of the diesel, burning propane and diesel at the same time also increases the overall efficiency. Superior LP has these kits on our delivery trucks. When we have tested the systems in a controlled environment, we show fuel costs to be 20% lower.

Probably the hardest part of installing either type of kit is to find where you can put a tank. Depending on the situation, they can be mounted in the trunk of a car, bed of a truck, underneath the vehicle… We will work with you to find the best location and size of tank.