Welcome to Superior Propane

Dear Propane Customers. 

In light of the Covid-19 situation it is imperative that you not run-out of propane which would require an in-home Propane Safety Check.  Superior Propane is implementing a series of questions regarding health and travel status before in-home propane service calls will be scheduled or completed.  This measure is being done to protect both our customers and employees.  We are also asking our employees the same series of questions and directing them to not report to work if they have any symptoms of Covid-19. 
If a customer has been exposed to Covid-19 or there are signs of illness within the home, the Superior Propane service technician will not be able to enter to perform a Propane Safety Check and for safety purposes may be required to disconnect the propane service. 
If you are a Will Call customer, please contact Superior Propane if you are getting low on propane so we can avoid the need for an in-home Propane Safety Check and the potential of a disruption in propane service.  For our keep-full customers your propane deliveries will continue as normal.  During this Covid-19 situation we need to work together to keep everyone as protected and safe as possible. 
Superior Propane appreciates your business and looks forward to working with you during this difficult time.

Contact Us
208 E WASHINGTON ST, NEWTON – (618) 783-8714
1017 N 33RD ST, MATTOON – (217) 234-4343
702 W MAIN ST, CASEY – (217) 932-5957

Superior Propane provides propane to homes, farms, and businesses in the following counties:

Christian County (all)Clark (all)
Clay (east of Hwy 45)Coles (all)
Crawford (all)Cumberland (all)
DeWitt County (South of Hwy 10)Douglas (south of Hwy 36)
Effingham (east of Hwy 32)Edgar (all)
Jasper (all)Logan County (South of Hwy 10 and E of I-55)
Lawrence (all)Macon County (All)
Moultrie County (All)Moultrie (south of Hwy 36)
Piatt County (South of Hwy 10)Richland (all)
Sangamon County (NE of Hwy 29  & E of I-55) Shelby (south of Hwy 36)

About Superior Propane

  • We are locally operated, and have been in business since 1980.
  • People that you probably know take your orders and deliver your propane.
  • We sell to our loyal customers at the same price as new customers. Some companies give new customers better pricing. How many times are you a new customer?
  • Everyone’s price is based on how many gallons they buy per year. We have three levels of pricing:
    • Up to 2,500 gallons per year
    • Between 2,500 gallons and 10,000 gallons per year
    • Over 10,000 gallons per year
  • All churches receive a 5¢ discount regardless of which level they fall into.
  • We offer 11-month payment plans to help you.
  • We do not charge an annual tank rental fee as long as the customer uses at least 800 gallons per year for a 500-gallon tank and 1400 gallons for a 1,000-gallon tank. We do currently add $0.05 per gallon to customers that use our tank. In most cases these tanks cost in excess of $1,000. We feel this is a very reasonable fee. We also maintain the tank for this fee and assume the risk if the tank has a leak. So if a gauge leaks on a tank we own, we pay for the lost propane. Every year we have customers that own their own tanks that have leaks from the valves or gauges and they are responsible for the lost product.
  • If you choose not to sign a contract, we charge a fair price year round. There have been several times we have been $1.00 less than the competition during the winter.
  • If you would like, we will watch your inventory for you to make sure you do not run out of propane.
  • We perform safety checks for your family’s protection.